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Rupert & Rothschild

Rupert & Rothschild

The wines

South Africa is known for yielding brilliant results from its national vine variety, pinotage, but it is also home to exceptional terroirs for cabernet sauvignon. The Rupert & Rothschild blends, "Baron Edmond" and "Classique", aim to show what this big grape can achieve on South African soil with spicy, smooth and balanced wines.

History of the estate

It began in 1690 when Jean and Daniel Nortier, brothers from an exiled protestant Huguenot family, decided to build a farm in Fredericksburg, South Africa. The brothers found a landscape at the foot of Simonsberg Mountain that reminded them of France, and began planting grapevines. The vineyard grew and ultimately transformed itself into one of the biggest historic wineries in South Africa. In 1997, under the leadership of Benjamin de Rothschild, the Compagnie Vinicole sought to diversify its production and took an interest in "New World" wine-making. The Baron chose to team up with the Rupert family, which then owned Fredericksburg, so that together they could craft great wines from this southern hemisphere terroir. The Compagnie Vinicole bought 50% of the estate and embarked on an ambitious project with its South African partner: "Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons". A modern wine cellar was built the first year.
Thanks to its high national profile, the Rupert family gave the estate's wines an instant local reputation, while the Rothschild name, backed by the prestige of the Compagnie Vinicole, guaranteed strong international appeal. But it was first and foremost the quality of the vintages, which are now acknowledged as some of the finest wines in South Africa, that ensured the success of Rupert & Rothschild. In addition to their wine-making business, the two families wanted to get involved in the local community and promote the region's social development. A social integration project was soon set up with funding in the nearby village of Dennegeur, which is home to the winery's employees. The village now has a nursery, day care centre, after-school centre, clinic and sports facilities.

A joint venture

The lasting viability of the joint venture relies heavily on the common values that bind the Rupert and Rothschild families. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for wine and committed to ethical and environmentally friendly practices, both families share the same pursuit of authenticity and continuous improvements in production methods.

The Soil

Ce terroir magnifique profite de la fraîcheur apportée par le courant de Benguela, provenant de l'Antarctique

The South African wine-growing region is among the northernmost vintages of the southern hemisphere. The vines cultivated by Rupert & Rothschild winemakers extend over more than 100 hectares. The estate is located at the foot of Simonsberg Mountain between Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek. It is near the country's west coast in the heart of Capetown Province and its historic wine region. This fabulous terroir benefits from the cool temperatures carried by Antarctica's Benguela current and from strong sun exposure that helps the grapes ripen in a quasi-Mediterranean climate. The vineyard's soil is a mix of decomposed granite and red clay. Its cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot grapevines were planted in the early 1980s.